TVG may be a social coin that enables users to trade/purchase whereas conjointly contributory to a charitable cause.

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Social coins like TVG could allow users to trade and buy TVG while also contributing to a good cause. It makes it easier to move money throughout the world while also providing the highest level of transparency possible in monetary transactions. With each purchase, you’re making a difference in the world, making this a groundbreaking endeavor. In order to help the many needy, a portion of TVG will be donated to a charitable cause with each transaction.
Blockchain technology can be used for a variety of altruistic purposes, including those that promote the greater good. In TVG Coin opinion, TVG long-term vision for cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain is a solid one. Their wonderful support often creates possibility for TVG advancement towards TVG own ASCII text file blockchain network.
As a social coin, TVG may be used for both trading and purchasing while also benefiting charity. It makes international money transfers easier while also providing the highest level of financial transaction transparency. TVG Coin bringing the best of blockchain technology and social responsibility together in a single package.

Why is TVG Coin important?
TVG Coin is a group of supporters who believe that by working together, TVG Coin can make the world a better place and raise the bar for charitable giving. To help a good cause while making a tidy profit, TVG Coin is a win-win situation.
The purpose of TVG Coin is to make TVG a money accepted in 193 nations around the world. TVG Coin has a supply of 1 trillion coins, and it’s frequently questioned as to why this is so large. In light of the rapidly expanding global population, TVG Coin aims to have one trillion coins in circulation so that everyone who might be a part of this rapidly expanding open world can access it. TVG Coin also set aside a specific number of TVG coins for charitable donations for each exchange or purchase of TVG. Consider, however, that the world will be a better place for everyone if we can make a social impact with the many transactions that take place around the world every day.
TVG is modelled supported sensible contracts that handle order placement, cancellation, disputes, proof of tax and dealing, proof of delivery and generating guarantees.

has designed an amazing personal key cryptography technology to revolutionize however wallets area unit hold on. This cipher is processed on the client-side and solely reversible by the user.

TVG value relies on demand for product and services sold-out by thousands of individuals, which might apace boost a merchants profit.

TVG is a TRC20 token
As a result of which, it is based on the Tron technology platform. When it comes to Tron, if you’re not already familiar with it, it’s a blockchain technology that provides advantages like faster transactions and reduced fees compared to Ethereum. Through the Tron network, the TVG coin is utilized to execute e-commerce transactions.
Instead than using different currencies or international credit cards, you could simply pay for a product from another country with the TVG coin. Another advantage of the TVG currency is that it has staking and trading capabilities.
Basically, you get dividends for being a member of the TVG community by holding TVG coins in your account and participating in the “staking” feature. You can exchange your TVG coins for other cryptocurrencies and fiat money using the swapping feature (like US dollars). The company behind the TVG token has struck arrangements with a number of cryptocurrency exchanges to ensure that you may simply trade your tokens.
The idea is based on the following:
1. Every time you make a purchase with TVG Coin, a percentage of your purchase will go to a good cause from the TVG’s charitable supply fund.
2. When you invest in TVG Coin, you will receive 100% of your investment back when you resell it (less fees).
3. If you miss an investment opportunity, you can have peace of mind knowing that the money is still going towards a good cause.
4. There are only two ways to get more TVG Coins:
a) You buy them from another investor
b) You earn them by being active members of the community and helping others.

What Makes TVG Coin Profitable?
Vindax, a cryptocurrency exchange, currently trades TVG coins for one cent each. TVG is aiming for a five-fold increase in pricing by the end of the year. With regards to cryptocurrency and blockchain, the entire TVG team stands behind their company’s mission. TVG has made tremendous progress in developing its own open-source blockchain network thanks to their assistance.

TVG Coin financial development team will provide listings on the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges in order to attract the most renowned traders. People and society will profit from trading or investing in TVG in addition to helping people and protecting the environment.
In its capacity as a nonprofit organization, TVG Coin primary goal is to guarantee the safety and security of all transactions and the direct donation of all revenues to charity causes. Original purpose of blockchain technology was to produce transactions which could not be tampered with.” This type of technology should be the principal method of transferring money to non-profit organizations by charity platforms.

Token Name: TVGCOIN
Token Symbol: TVG
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 TVG
Token Type: TRC-20
Blockchain: TRON
Contract Address: TWwMneXxSLMm8JnehW7vbK3KmK1EUkk3ZZ


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