Trophy is a DeFi-focused startup that creates $TROPHY, the utility token of the Trophy Auto-Staking Protocol, as a benefit and value for Trophy token holders (TAP).

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The first initial coin offering that will facilitate the distribution of your assets across multiple blockchain assets and tokens. With a wealth of experience gained over the years and an extraordinary level of knowledge relating to the world of cryptocurrency trading.
The TROPHY PROTOCOL is the first token sale of its kind, and is also the first token sale ever to “establish” a profit incentive mechanism for all investors. Both achievements were achieved by The TROPHY PROTOCOL. The ability of early adopters to manage more crypto assets will determine the amount of profit they can make from the system. Therefore, it is in the best interest of every token holder to invite their friends and family to join TROPHY platform so that they can generate their own wealth together. This can be achieved by sending an invitation to the TROPHY Website.
The trophy will contribute to the creation of the world’s most comprehensive Asset Multiplication Protocol, which will serve as the basis for their business and personal lives.

About TROPHY and its goals
Trophy is a company focused on DeFi innovation that creates benefits and value for Trophy token holders via the creation of $TROPHY, the utility token of the Trophy Auto-Staking Protocol (TAP).
The goal is to give Trophy token holders a real advantage through the use of defi innovation. $TROPHY token holders will receive the largest stable returns in the cryptocurrency market thanks to the Trophy Auto-Stake Protocol (TAP). Token Trophy holders benefit from the company’s concentration on Defi innovation, which in turn increases the value of their token.
Trade, stake and earn interest with Trophy APP’s simple DEX platform for token exchange and cross-chain token exchange, as well as insurance fund (TIF) for stakeholders. Based on Blockchain Technology, TROPHY PROTOCOL is an innovative, smart and secure coin.
A new financial protocol known as Trophy Auto-Staking Protocol (TAP) has been developed by Trophy to make staking easier, more efficient, and to reward $TROPHY token holders with the most stable crypto returns.

Mechanism for TROPHY Awards
The TROPHY token can be used to earn a reward on the blockchain directly. Withholding and acquiring additional tokens, players will be able to acquire trophies. Current loyalty programs don’t address the customer experience, they’re continually evaluated by centralized authorities, and they have enormous overhead costs. We have overcome this problem with the development of TROPHY’s completely transparent and decentralized platform.

TROPHY Insurance Fund (TIF)
Within the TAP Trophy system there is a separate wallet called the $Trophy Insurance Fund, abbreviated as TIF. A portion of the trading fee income from TIF purchases and sales supports this wallet.

An additional 4% of trade costs goes to the Trophy Insurance Fund to help keep the wagering incentives going.
The decrease in risk is linked to the decline.
To achieve long-term, sustainable expansion, keep your growth rate stable over the course of time.
TIF Address: 0x8473C0889Aa48c1bB9DAeb3Ba942B46dcD71ecB4

Trophy Swap DEX
dAPP and SWAP For holders, the dAPP Trophy Dashboard enables real-time access to their trophies through easy swap swaps and regular community interaction. This is made possible by our team, which has the right mix of intellect and strength to tailor the Trophy environment to each individual investment.


Low Risk — TROPHY Insurance Fund (TIF)

The TROPHY Insurance Fund receives 4% of all trading fees and uses those funds to assist sustain and support bet rewards. This is accomplished by maintaining price stability and significantly lowering the danger of losing money.

Interest Yield — Automatic Payments
Don’t worry about losing your tokens because you don’t have to. You never have to worry about missing a payment because interest is routinely deposited into your account and accumulated over time.

Auto Token Burn
The “Furnace” automatic token burning technology is one of the most intriguing aspects of TROPHY Protocol because it keeps the circulating supply from spiraling out of control. A total of 1.5% of the market’s Trophy Token sales are squandered in the furnace.

Staking (Stake and Earn more $TROPHY)
Trophy Staking is an easy-to-use app platform that lets you earn 1.2 percent every day for 365 days by connecting your wallet. As high as 850 percent APR can be achieved with Auto Compound.

Auto Staking and Auto Compound protocols with Utilities in Trophy Farming provide a stable apy to stakers using the TAP protocol. Staking will begin at $500 for Trophy. The APY (Annual Yield Percentage) represents for $TROPHY Token Holder. Takes into account compound interest to get an accurate picture of the return on investment. Your $TROPHY tokens represent your first investment in Trophy.
The number of Trophy tokens you now own is your new primary amount.

TROPHY Token Information:

Name: Trophy

Ticker: TROPHY

Trophy Smart Contract: 0xBaAd7173c7eDd91269F52c32c1d98B523e1852e4

Total Supply: 280,000 $Trophy

Locked: 90,600 $Trophy

Public Hold: 120,000

Staking Liquidity: 40,000

Airdrop and Bounty: 10,000

Marketing: 15,000

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