Moorex: The Stable DeFi Token That Things You To Charity

If you love the feel of trading, but hate the feeling of giving all your profits to the bank, Moorex is for you. We are all about giving back, and our goal is to eventually donate 75% of all transaction fees directly to charity organizations and businesses seeking business grants.

Have you seen the price of MOOREX increasing?
Yeah, It’s a great time to buy as it’s risen over 200% in the last week! More importantly, MOOREX is consistently making donations to charities and promising to give away more than 15% of net profit to random businesses seeking business grants.

This feature is not only an incentive, but has also served as a catalyst for the unbelievable growth.

Moorex will be a stable stablecoin that is tied to the market price of gold or the United States Dollar. The Moorex Reserve will be an Ethereum non-profit entity created and run by the community for the benefit of the community. It will allow people to vote on which charities should receive funding from the Moorex Reserve.

Join the Moorex community! Make transactions and get a share of transactions back in the form of MRCX. This is money that goes directly to charity organizations and businesses seeking business grants. No purchase necessary.

Moorex is proud to announce a new ecosystem where you’re encouraged to seek out help from others that provide assistance in your own due diligence. It’s all about community, so Moorex encourages you to find ways to get involved on the platform and help other community members by responding with charity or business support.

Moorex is a stable token created by MoorexCorp, a non-profit organization based in Japan. MoorexCorp was formed by an anonymous trading expert with a mission to bring transparency into charity while still giving back to the community.

Moorex takes 0.75% from every transaction and donates them to different charity organizations and businesses that seek business grants for their projects.

The Moorex Token is part of a chain of decentralized assets that provides both its users and charity organizations with interesting perks. It is an ERC20 token which is the native currency for all other stable currencies in the Decentralized Finance ecosystem.

It acts as a ledger to keep track of all transactions. The money from each transaction fee is distributed via smart contract to different charities around the world.

Moorex was created to bring transparency into the charity and DeFi community. By giving back to the community itself, Moorex will flourish as a long-term store of value far beyond it’s current valuation.

Moorex is creating a new charity industry that combines fiat and cryptocurrency markets by developing a cryptocurrency token market, building a stable DeFi token, and rewarding the community for creating this token. This is an entirely decentralized system with no assistance from any central authority.

That means no “exit scam” and is controlled directly by the community. It also means businesses listed on the platform will benefit from P2P social influence marketing on a global level without paying traditional businesses hefty fees. Moorex can be described as a neighborhood house party where every one wins.




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