Elysian Treasury: Providing A Secure, Neutral Platform To The Decentralized Web

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Decentralized finance (DeFi) innovations are attracting a lot of attention from cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Defiant and Defiant Pulse, two DeFi-only media gateways, have sprung up to meet the demand for news and data in this sector after being funded with more than $10 billion in DeFi convention resources.
Customers now enjoy unprecedented access to a wide range of financial products and services, including investment accounts, protection, credits, and trade, as a result of the DeFi conclusion. To put it another way, DApps are applications that, just like traditional monetary exchanges, cause a surge in demand on the blockchain when they are launched on demand. Because of this, a weak link can be eliminated by storing the same information on multiple PCs linked together through a common organization.

Financial services provided by Elysian To be precise, it’s
For Defi 3.0 and the decentralized web, Elysian Finance is developing a reinforcement-supported cryptographic currency. A non-custodial convention focusing on algorithmic resource emission and chain resource improvement is Elysian Finance’s plan to achieve this goal. Additionally, Elysian Treasury plans to use robo-exchanging, ETFs, and market-building innovations. Elysian Finance smart contracts allow anyone to observe every step of the methodology life cycle, from the beginning to the end, using a single contract. Tokens given to LYS are housed in a depository container, and each token is guaranteed to be backed by $1. LYS has a solid foundation thanks to this, and every LYS will always have $1 backing it.
The current state of affairs necessitated the creation of Elysian Finance (LYS) of a new framework, one that was heavily influenced by OHM while also utilizing an alternative approach to framework engineering. An intermediary plan like the EIP-1822 from Elysian Finance (LYS) adds versatility and extensibility to the clever agreement engineering.
RFV, POL, and consolidated returns are all held in the “vote store” system, while Elysian Finance adds an additional layer of stock motives. The Elysian Finance Team had a target launch date of the first quarter set early on in the improvement cycle. This project will begin in 2022.
By being a locally owned business, Elysian Finance wants to be a part of the process of progress for the community it serves. Elysian has begun the first stages of its fair display, and the repository should now be bootstrapped. Elysian (LYS) can be traded for the “pre-Elysian pre-deal” (a call choice sort instrument) by storing the RFV ($1) in the Treasury in advance of the public contribution beginning. There will be an increase in the price of Elysian (LYS) tokens to separate them from their opponents in the future.

Elysian Finance Key Points
Elysian Finance has a wide range of services that are simple to use. As an example, Elysian Finance uses the EIP-1822 intermediary design to create amazing agreements that are both upgradeable and isolated. There are numerous advantages to using Elysian Finance:

-Convention Automation: Customers will want to see a fantastic agreement that is equipped with a convention automation system, which will make the entire cycle operate automatically and reduce errors.

-On-chain administration and NFTs: Customers will want to witness a smart contract that enforces dependable and secure on-chain administration and NFTs.

-Conveyance Mechanism: employing Pre-Elysian (pLYS) tokens, the organization will endeavor to distribute LYS tokens. After purchasing this token, clients will want to exchange it for $1 worth of LYS tokens.

All of this may be accessed from a variety of devices via a simple and dynamic connection point. When Elysian Finance built the stage’s connection point to seem modern, they wanted to make it easy for clients to get to data or buy tokens. Elysian Finance may be used by anyone, regardless of their level of expertise.

Elysian Finance Features
In addition to a scalable and adaptable smart contract framework, Elysian Finance’s contribution contains the following features:

1.OTC market for bonds and reverse bonds
2.Automatic asset management
3.Efficient governance and NFT
4.Reward levels above the ve(3,3) “vote shelter” mechanism.

The scalability of Elysian is created so that users may simply have access to new infrastructure or modifications that regulate how the Treasury operates. Importantly, the new DeFi integration can be accessed without a user upgrade.

Additional Features
Elysian Finance (LYS) intends to deliver a breath of new air to the present status quo with an innovative initiative that is primarily inspired by OHM but takes a novel approach to system architecture. Our work provides the smart contract architecture with extensibility (EIP-1822 proxy pattern) and modularity, as well as additional functionality including:

1.OTC market for bonds and reverse bonds
2.Protocol automation
3.On-chain and NFT governance.

Distribution Mechanism
Pre-Elysian (pLYS), a derivative of LYS with an option-inspired behavior, will be distributed in the following round. There must be $1 in the reserve for every LYS that is issued because the treasury’s inherent value equals $1 Holding pLYS gives you a one-to-one exchange for one of the reserve assets needed to mint LYS: 1 pLYS and $1 of the reserve asset. Supply-based pricing means that it is a long-term bet with no set dates for when the circulating supply will be arbitrarily boosted. Only when LYS is trading above its intrinsic value does it make sense to redeem pLYS, which behaves like an option.

When pLYS supply reaches 12 percent, early supporters, advisors and team members will be able to collect their pLYS. There will be 120k reedemable pLYS on 1m supply, and 1.20m pLYS on 10m supply and so on.

Below is a breakdown of the pLYS distribution:

Team: 330m pLYS and 8% supply
Investors: 70m pLYS and 3% supply
Advisors: 50m pLYS and 1% supply
Community: 550m pLYS and no supply cap.

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