EGO TOKEN-is a utility token that can be used for a variety of purposes

4 min readFeb 17, 2022


In the cryptocurrency world, there are literally tens of thousands of different tokens to choose from. Others, like Bitcoin, have a limited supply and are used for the same purposes. The vast majority of tokens, on the other hand, are now being developed within the context of projects with clearly defined objectives. Crypto-projects issue their own tokens, which they then use to offer discounts or raise funds for development. Thus, these tokens can only be used on the platform that was built by this project.

Communication has entered a new phase.
There are no limitations to the kinds of relationships that people can have. According to popular belief, communication is the fastest-growing industry in the world. The most important asset of any business is its ability to capture the interest of potential customers. Our team is working on a new method of interacting with digital devices that is interactive.

User attention can be monetized through Paysenger. Despite the fact that human relationships are expanding at the fastest possible rate while our attention spans remain unchanged, Paysenger comes up with a new way to communicate. Your message or phone call can now attract the recipient’s attention by paying for their attention with a fiat or EGO token. As a result of Paysenger, it is now much easier to get in touch with a member of the media or an expert. Converting received media content into NFT is possible (Non-fungible token). If you have EGO, you have the option of either saving it or selling it on the market. Finally, we want to revolutionize the blockchain by making it more widely available to the general public.

You can request communication with a favorite person by selecting a preferred format for communication. Even if it’s just a video greeting, it doesn’t really matter. Using Paysenger, you have access to all of these options.
The EGO token aims to simplify and improve communication while also opening up new financial and blockchain technology opportunities.
For example, EGO tokens can be used to buy advertising on Paysenger and to communicate with idols. Tokens like EGO can be used for a wide range of purposes.

Ads, users, and even celebs themselves buy EGO tokens in order to promote their products.

Promoters buy EGO tokens in order to run advertisements on the internet (video, native or other content). In order to communicate with their idols, users purchase EGO tokens. Celebrities who want to gain more visibility in the media often rely on payment systems to do so.

Originally, Paysenger was created as a way to connect people who couldn’t otherwise communicate. Paysenger allows you to communicate with your favorite media personalities and experts in a way that works best for you. Users will be able to save, transfer, and sell NFT tokens developed by Paysenger. It’s also a new Blockchain-based product, which is perhaps the most important aspect.

If a service is found to be useful, this token will be used. Paysenger users can make use of this functionality. To make the Ego token useful, there needs to be a demand for tokens and a way to monetize communication in order to create an internal economy for contacts with media or experts.


With EGO token, Paysenger opens up a new door to mass adoption of the blockchain and end users. When you think about it, technology can be used in many situations and places; it may even affect your daily routine without ever noticing it. For example, taking a road trip, who remembers how difficult it is to find the correct route — in addition to the time you waste sitting in traffic. You should have paid attention to the road signs or recorded that unforgettable landmark on your smartphone or Google map. With Paysenger, there will be no more problems with finding the right route or sending data about the journey for later use.

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